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Freaking Out About Shot Glass Cases

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So, Me and my brother got invited to this awesome party at his friend’s house. We knew there will be a lot of people from different high schools in the area there – it was supposed to be very big and grand and just basically the coolest. We were pretty much excited.

Naturally, we arrived there with high spirits and started drinking, well, spirits almost immediately. Some guy just randomly handed us cups filled with rum coke and we partied the night away, so to speak. The parents were out of town, of course. The neighbors were apparently on some ski trip as well, so they blasted music so loud that it was really hard to talk to people. Some people got drunk of course, but the craziest thing happened to me and this girl who was so clumsy, she slammed on one of the cabinets that was a divider, and took me with her. So we were there, slumped on the floor, with broken bits of the display case around us. Everybody stared. It was so embarrassing.


Luckily, the dude who lived in the house had the foresight to pack everything fragile and hid them in the attic and rooms and inside cabinets. But still, it will be a lot to pay for something like that, plus is it even possible to find the exact same thing? The original occupants of the display cases were shot glasses. Needless to say, me and the girl were kicked out angrily after that and has to pay the damages or else we get in more trouble.

I couldn’t completely blame the girl as I was trying to playfully push her at that time, so she kept on blaming me again and again. Finally, we agreed to split the cost between ourselves. All my summer money will be gone, I thought miserably, but it’s better than the alternative. We searched frantically online, looking for fast shipping and a look-alike of the cabinet as the parents are gone for a week. We finally settled on this holder for shot glasses after hitting up a friend, who was a furniture seller, recommended it. It wasn’t the exact same replica but it seemed a solid look-alike if you don’t look closely. Same color, same build.

I had to borrow some more money as the girl failed to come up with her share, sigh. But it came after three days and we helped install it in the house with the pissed-off dude who kept on muttering how his parents will kill him. I don’t think they ever found out, though, as it’s almost been three days since the parents came back. Hopefully, they never find out!

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Getting Extra Freezer Space In Your Home

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If you’ve ever considered buying a freezer, it’s probably because, like me, you have found that the freezer built in to your refrigerator is always packed full and you wish you had more space for all your frozen goods. I did some research on buying freezers and there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important of these is deciding which type of freezer you want; a chest freezer or an upright freezer. After doing some research online, I found that many small freezers from TheFreezerGuide.com were a good choice to go with.


A chest freezer is the most economical option. It usually costs less and uses less energy. Also, chest freezers have a greater volume of storage space than an upright freezer of the same size. A chest freezer will usually require manual defrost; although some models do come with automatic defrost options. However, the freezers with manual defrost usually last longer and are more energy efficient. The downside being that manual defrost may become a time-consuming exercise. Chest freezers can also keep things frozen for many hours without power, enabling you to transport it without spoiling the food stored in it.

An upright freezer, on the other hand, consumes more energy, but is more convenient to use. Since it is upright, it takes up much less floor space than a chest freezer. Also, because of its design, it’s easier to store and keep things ordered and easily accessible in an upright freezer. However, this very feature compromises some storage space and as mentioned before, an upright freezer has less storage capacity than a chest freezer of the same size. Upright freezers usually come with automatic defrost or frost-less features, allowing for more convenience.

Another factor to keep in mind while shopping for a freezer is its size. Both chest and upright freezers come in various different sizes ranging from about 5 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet. A normal family will only usually need a smaller size freezer to supplement the freezer that they already have built in to their refrigerator. A small freezer will also be a more economical choice.

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Handy Kitchen Gadgets For The Bartender

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A bartender, even if you’re entertaining guests at your home, needs quite a few tools to get his/her stuff together. It’s kind of surprising and you don’t really always notice this at bars unless you make the drinks yourself. I knew it surprised me when I got a first glance from the back. Given that, you don’t always have to spend a ton to get the job done.

One of the things a bartender will need for sure is ice. If you’re holding an event or entertaining for a lot of people sometimes your fridge’s icemaker cannot keep up with the task. You will have to purchase some bags of ice which you have to lug home from the store. Better yet, you can get set up with a portable ice making unit. These can be found for around $100 and will pump out cold cubes throughout the day. It will let you focus on talking to the guests and making drinks instead of doing grocery store trips.

Another thing you want to consider is ways to prepare fresh fruits. You will need citrus peelers for zesting and a way to juice the fruits. Typically juicing can be done ahead of time, but it doesn’t hurt to keep hand citrus juicers ready for shortages. If you’re making tropical drinks you may want to check out pineapple cutters from http://pineapplecutter.net/. The cutters here slice up pineapples for garnish, and give you pineapple shell cups to use for presentation. Top it off with some umbrellas and you’re all set.

For sure you will need to stock up on some cups. Different cups will look better for certain drinks, so having a nice spread will benefit you. Typically you will want one for drinks on the rocks, maybe one for mixed or blended drinks, and a combination of short and tall glasses. Clear glasses help show off the drink better. It would not look so great to try and use your coffee cups or beer mug to serve some excellent cocktails you mix up. Do yourself a favor and get some nice glassware.

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Tidying Up Your Kitchen Space

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When we have an organized workspace, things tend to flow more easily. Just visually it has a better impact so you are at ease even before you start. Having the kitchen organized lets you know where things are so you can find them when your mind is working frantically on a recipe or some other task.

There are pretty easy things you can do to make your kitchen clutter free. The first begins with using the storage space you already have. If you have cupboards, make the most of them. Stack your largest dishes on the bottom, and smaller ones on top. Or if you don’t have dishes or cups that are even stackable, switch out to ones that are. This will mean avoiding cups with handles, but more importantly getting ones that were designed for multiple stacks. When you have to use a shelf just for a single layer of cups you severely limit the amount of things you can store.

Use your drawers to get things out of the way. Put your spatulas, can openers and anything that isn’t regularly used into these drawers. Get an organizer for your metal food utensils and knives. Stash knives in plastic protectors or in a knife block that its in a pull out drawer. This will make it safer as well as more organized.

Clear your counter space of large appliances so you can have more room to cook. When we’re cooking, a lot of space is needed to pull out ingredients and separate containers for measuring each one. Move your blenders, microwave ovens, and food processors into cupboards or into racks for storage. If you can get something like a storage rack or a cart for microwaves you can increase storage significantly. With a storage rack, your things may stay out in the open and remain visible–this can be something you want if your appliances look good, however a cart with doors can keep things more visually organized.

These few easy steps should get you on your way to a cleaner kitchen. You will feel more relaxed as you cook, and you won’t mind showing off your workspace to any guests that come over!

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Playing With Designs and Patterns For Your Comforters and Sheets

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It can be a difficult task to decorate your bedroom. And, it is quite difficult to choose the color scheme, the designs and patterns and whether or not your choice would fit into the overall look of the bedroom, and more so with your home. it is not a good thing when you have to redecorate your room and not like it, or change your mind after a few months. When you decorate your home with trendy colors, you would have to redo it after some time because it would start looking out-dated. A black and white comforter is the ideal solution to relieve all of this stress. The simple color scheme offered by this type of bedding is not only elegant but it will also remain in style for a long time.

Having a b&w comforter in your room doesn’t mean that your room will become boring and dull. The combination of black and white would always appear to be fresh, even after decades if the material quality is good.

And, the look is easy to achieve with a black comforter and white sheets offering the crisp and most basic look that you can think of. The looks can be complemented by adding some streamlined curtains and furniture. And, this is certainly going to be a good choice for guest room that can also double as your home office.

When you want to make your bedroom look dressier, you can go for designs and patterns that never seem to end. When looking for a more somber and calm print, choose polka dot pattern or floral design in black and white comforter. Geometrical shape and animal print are ideal for a little bold or masculine looks for sheets. If you want to go for a popular print then zebra bedding is an easy choice that remains classic. The choice for patterns is in millions, which means that you will always find a pattern that can meet your requirements for your bedroom scheme.

You can also personalize the designs on the b & w comforter by creating designs yourself and getting a company to print it for you. you can add your favorite picture or create your own pattern. Other special additions can include messages, words or quotes on the comforter.

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